Customer services

Product services and consultancy services


NeoSystems is able to support its customers during the strategic choices on technological and architectural decisions, from the firts prorotype up to the mass production.


NeoSystems has as its target the continuous update on the HW, FW and SW technologies.


The products developed by NeoSystems are designed and implemented internally, thus granting the full control on know-how and related processes.


NeoSystems grants the support of its products and, when required, the management of remote monitoring systems and related supervision services.

User experience

The products developed by NeoSystems are characterized by very easily management and installation, as required to offer the better user esperience and thus reducing costs.


The consultancy services offered by NeoSystems grant the higher professional technical knowledge, as assured by the huge experience of its team.

Consultancy services

NeoSystems provides technical/managerial consultancy services in the fields of electronic and telecommunication.

1. Planning

Services for requirements definition and project planning

2. Specification

Services for functional and detailed specifications

3. Development

Services for design and development of prototypes on HW, FPGA, FW and SW

4. Launch

Services for product engineering as reuired for mass production