IoT solutions

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GREEN applications

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Optimized solutions

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Full control on design and production, continuous updating.

Simplicity and effectiveness

Product simple to install, with limited maintenance needs and designed for the specific project.


Solution easily customizable for the specific project and scalable to guarantee the initial investment.

Customets support

Customer support during all project phases: from requirements definition to production phase.

Internal Know-how

Technical knowledges fully inside the company, to guarantee the ability to manage products and their evolution.


The NeoSystems' team is composed by professionals with more than 30 years experience through multinational companies.

Applicable fields

Smart City

Solutions for environmental pollution monitoring, public lighting control and smart parking monitoring allow the costs optimization and the provision of innovative services to citizens.

IoT Solutions

The real time acquisition of connected measurement sensors (electrical, gas, water meters) allows the on time check of consumptions. The time analysis of meters measures permits to find out the critical elements and allows the implementation of optimization policies.

Energy efficiency

The availability of power consumption and environmental data enables the possibility to adopt energy efficiency policies, for instance powering on different loads only when their usage is really required.