Genuary 2023: New headquarters

The new headquarters of NeoSystems is in Via Privata Oslavia, 28 in Milan.

2022: Production line for Smart Parking sensors activated

NeoSystems, following customer requests for the installation of NPS sensors in various cities, has activated an external production line for parking sensors, so as to be able to respond quickly to market demands, despite the difficulties caused by the shortage of electronic components.

February 2020: NeoSystems renews its site at the same time of its new IoT platform release.

NeoSystems renewed completely its IoT products by updating the adopted technologies and moving to the LoRA protocol as wireless communication media. Even the software application in cloud was completely reviewed by adopting the most recent technologies (micro-services architecture, BIG DATA solution for data storage).

March 2019: NeoSystems is one of the founder of CareGlance Srl startup company

NeoSystems is a founder of the new company CareGlance, a startup working in the field of high technology diagnostic applications.

December 2018: NeoSystems is one of the founder of Subphoton Srl startup company

NeoSystems is a founder of the new company Subphoton, a startup operating in the development of solutions for submarine optical networks.

February 2018: Headquarters Moving

The NeoSystems headquarters was moved to Via Console Flaminio 19 in Milan.

January 2017: First consultancy contract for the development of submarine optical networks

NeoSystems signed its first consultancy contract in the field of submarine amplifier development. The contract was signed with the brazilian company Padtec and is related to the development of the electronic part inside the submarine amplifiers for the optical networks developed by the company.

September 2016: participation to the Illuminotronica fair

NeoSystems with its partners Ste Industries and Ledcom presented their lighting control solution based on 169 MH radio communication at the Illuminotronica fair in Padova

July 2016: power factor monitoring solution installed in SGE - SYSCOM

The NeoSystems' platform was installed in SGE - SYSCOM for the power factor monitoring on the power supplies distributed by this company


May 2016: cooperation contract with Ste Industries

NeoSystems signed a consulting contract with Ste Industries, thus assuming the role of hardware and software competence centre for the partner; on the basis of this contract NeoSystems entered into Ste Industries capital.

September 2015: Trial Installation in Piacenza

E2smart was installed in Piacenza, in a residential house equipped with a photovoltaic plant and a geothermal heating system. The energy efficiency of the house with details on photovoltaic production and geotermal plants consumptions are monitored in real time via the E2ms application.

June 2015: E2smart trial installed in Turin

NeoSystems installed its E2smart platform, fully featuring all its components near Turin, to allow a trial site for the integrate Smart City solution, including: parking management, lightning control, environmental monitoring, traffic monitoring.

April 2015: Single Point Light Management Solution Delivery

NeoSystems delivered to the market its proprietary solution for the control of public lightning systems, based on 169 MHz radio communication for the management and control up to the single light point.

January 2015: Headquarters Moving

The NeoSystems headquarters was moved to Milan, in Via Bistolfi 49, where is located even the STE Industries company, a new partner of NeoSystems for the development of new products based on the micro.SP technology, a radio solution patented by STE Industries.

December 2014: Worldwide Installation of Environmental Monitoring

NeoSystems implemented a network of environmental monitoring modules composed by ISG components installed on 16 sites distributed in 4 countries.

July 2014: Environmental Monitoring First Installation

The first installation of E2smart platform to monitor the pollution generated by a waste treatment plant in Puglia. The E2ms application allows the remote control of the two ISG modules installed on field and to monitor the pollutants and fine dusts, thus controlling the effectivness of the adopted air purification system.

20 May 2014: NeoSystems' setting-up

NeoSystems was officially created on 20 May 2014, first location was in Cernusco Sul Naviglio, SS 11 Padana Superiore 18M.