NGW (LoRA concentrator)

NGW is a device designed to allow the monitoring and control of a network of slave devices (NES, NLC, NPS) managed via LoRA protocol communication. The device is able to monitor and control about 100 sensors, by acquiring their data and transferring these parameters to a remote database, as required to allow statistical analysis. Furthermore NGW allows the transmission of configuration commands, generated from the cloud application, to the managed sensors.

NGW supports two independent LoRA interfaces, such us required to manage sensors able to spontaneusly generate state change messages (e.g. smart parking sensors) and sensors that instead require a master-slave architecture for the communication management, as for electrical loads control sensors.

The device can be equiped with integrated antennas, with very low dimensions, or with external antennas to increase the radio coverage.

The communication towards the cloud platform is guaranteed via multiple WAN interfaces: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G.

  • 2 independent LoRA radio interfaces
  • WAN interfaces: Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G
  • Expansion slot for SD card
  • Supported protocols: HTTP/HTTPs, MQTT/MQTTs
  • Firmware upgradable from remote
  • Powered via mini USB port
  • 3 W typpical consumption

ANGW (Android concentrator)

ANGW is the new gateway developed by adopting the Android technology. The device supports the same functional features available from the previous NGW, but the adoption of the Androis operating system grants higher performances and flexibility for the product, maintaing in any case a full interoperability with the other components of the IoT NeoSystems platform.. At present the device is in the development/test phase, it will be soon available to the market.