NeosPlatform is a vertical solution allowing the integrated management of IoT solutions applicable to Smart City, Smart Mobility, SMart Building scenarios. NeosPlatform was developed to simplify the integration issues associated to the IoT solutions, thus simplifying the IoT access to organizations that needs to work in these contexts. The platform is based on NeoSystems' know-how and could be easily adapted to integrate components from other third-party vendors or to include already existing monitoring solutions, as required to save the pre-existing investements. The key words that summarize the NeosPlatform associated advantages are: integration, easy to install, expandability

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Lighing control
  • Parking management
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Energy efficiency management

NeosPlatform components


The sensors developed by NeoSystems convert the measurements from the integrated sensors into radio data (LoRA©) for the remote transmission:
√ Parking sensors
√ Lighing control sensors
√ Air quality monitoring sensors
√ Energy efficiency monitoring sensors


The modules developed by NeoSystems are stand-alone devices able to convert the measurements from the integrated sensors into data transmitted on the network for the remote storage of these information
√ Air quality monitoring module
√ Energy efficiency monitoring module


The NeoSystems's gateway is the component able to join the local network and the wide area network. This device manages the radio communication with the sensors and supports multiple interfaces toward the WAN network: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 3G/4G. The gateway supports standard protocols for the network connection: HTTP/HTTPs, MQTT/MQTTs.

Software application

Ncloud, is the network management systems (NAAMS: Network and Application Management System) and is composed by multiple software modules for the network monitoring and synchronization and for the management of the application layers.