NEM (Air quality module)

NEM is a stand-alone data acquisition device that is able to support different environmental sensors (temperature, humidity,..) and pollution sensors (solvents, air contaminants, dust, ...), to store the acquired data into its internal memory and then to transfer data to a remote database for storage and data analitics elaboration.

NEM manages multiple WAN communication interfaces (Ethernet, WiFi) and is able to manage different protocols, thus permitting an easy interface towards monitoring software platforms or concentrators, thus enabling monitoring and automation activities.

  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor
  • Pollution sensors: N02 + Ammonia + CO + CO2 + NO
  • Fine dust: PM2.5 & PM10
  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi network interface
  • Power supply from miniUSB
  • Typical consumption 0.5 W

NPM (Energy efficiency module)

NPM is a stan-alone data acquisition device integrating an electric single-phase or three-phase power meter. The measured data are stored inside the device's internal memory and then transferred to a remote database for storage and data analitics elaboration. Furthermore NPM is equipped with digital inputs for data acquisition from external counters (water, gas,..) equipped with pulse output or from digital sensors. Two digital outputs allow the adoption of the NPM device for automation purposes.

  • 3 integrated power meter
  • 3 integrated current transformers fro three-phase measurements
  • 4 analogue inputs
  • 4 optically insulated digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB and two RS485 serial interfaces for the connection with additonal devices
  • Maximum consumption 1.5 W