About us

NeoSystems' objectives

The NeoSystems mission is to give a contribution to environment protection by offering "vertical" internet of things solutions as, for example, pollution monitoring and energy efficiency control. NeoSystems proposes itself as a development company in the field of the Internet Of Things solutions, applicable to smart city and smart mobility contexts to guarantee the best approach, in terms of used technology and economic competitiveness. The technological propositions offered to the market integrate skills of: hardware, software, telecommunication, IT, systems to propose the best "turnkey" solution for each specific project.

  • Environment monitoring
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainable technology
  • Smart solutions
  • Economic competitiveness

Our team

Daniele President - Founding partner

Daniele has more than 30 years experience in the electronics field and related applications. His professional career has grown through increasing responsibilities roles in the R&D departments and business units management inside worldwide companies such as Alacatel and Pirelli.

Maurizio Founding partner

Maurizio has wide experiences in tecnological sectors like telecommunication and industrial automation. Greatly skilled in SW/FW product development, project management, business unit management and quality management (ISO 9001) The main companies were he worked are: Marconi, Sampi, Pirelli.

Fulvio Founding partner

Fulvio has 30+ years experience in the telecommunication networks and systems fields. Deep knowledge on HW/FW development, project management, operation support. The Fulvio's main professional experiences were acquired in: Marconi, Pirelli, Cisco.

Alberto Founding partner

Alberto has wide experiences in the product development. His passion for electronics led him to work for the most important italian electronic companies: Alcatel, Pirelli. Greatly expert in HW/FW design from the prototype phase up to the mass production.

Our skills

Hardware design

Firmware/fpga design

Software/web design

Project/product management

Why NeoSystems ?


Products designed as turn key solution for the specific customer's needs.


The most recent technologies applied to achieve the best result in terms of reliability, performance and economic competitiveness


Creative ideas based on consolidate experiences.


Neosytems is a reliable, consolidated, result-oriented partner that boasts solid experience in multiple operating areas at an international level