Software application

NCloud (Software in cloud)

NCloud is a software application developed to allow the remote control of a network of monitoring devices. Internally developed by NeoSystems it is based on the most updated technologies in terms of elaboration logics and user interface.

NCloud is able to connect both the NeoSystems’ developed modules and the third parties devices to collect the monitoring data in its centralized data-base, to elaborate this data and make them uniform. The goal is to present the data to the operators as aggregate and correlate information to simplify their interpretation, thus realizing not only a simple data collection portal but a data integration platform from originally inconsistent data.

Ncloud is a software platform available in cloud, but installable even to the customer facility, able to adapt to the specific needs of the network of monitored devices. The main added values of the application are the installation flexibility (from a simple notebook up to a server farm), the modularity that guarantees the vertical and horizontal scalability (by distributing the composing processes on different computers), the possibility to expand towards external OSS that can acquire data via web services, the ability to integrate monitoring devices from different vendors.

  • Tecnology design based on the most updated software technologies (Java, Spring Boot, Web services)
  • Based on open source libraries
  • Historical data storage on integrated database to support Data Analytics functionalities
  • Modular and scalable platform to easily fit the different monitoring scenarios
  • Graphical user interface compatible with the most used browsers on PC, MAC, mobile devices
  • Multilingual support
  • Web services to export data towards higher level data management applications